Gaspesie Tour – June 2011

Our longest and toughest tour. This was a 1000km trip through the hilly area of the Gaspe peninsula in Quebec. We took a train to Rimouski where we began our round trip. We arrived around 3am in the cold pouring rain, and to avoid paying for a hotel for just a few hours we decided we may as well get started. Although we were freezing and exhausted, this early start allowed us to check into a little cabin just past noon and relax all afternoon and evening. This was another trip we did quite literally on the shoulder of the season. We were all alone at most accommodations, but this also meant very affordable rates. Though since most places only had the facilities for accepting card payments in the peak season, we did learn to start carrying more cash than normal.

This was a tough trip and again a good chance to use our gear and have a better idea of the physical demands of touring. With only two weeks available for the trip, little pre-training, and an ambitious route, we certainly (and successfully) pushed ourselves.